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Mrs. Jones's Classroom Locker
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Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Emma Jones

Welcome to social studies!

Hello students! I am the new Social Studies teacher.  Welcome to my class! I will be teaching World History, American History, Government, and Geography this year.  My husband is the new math teacher and we just moved to town with our baby son Oliver and our dog Sunny.  I am originally from Quinter, Kansas and spent the last five years teaching middle and high school Social Studies at Stanton County Jr./Sr. High School in Johnson. I am excited for the school year and to get to know all of you.

Mrs. Jones's Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

For PArents and Guardians

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  I am usually very responsive to email and will be more than willing to schedule a time to call you or meet with you about your student.  For your student to be successful, it will take him or her, you, and me all working together and being on the same page.  I look forward to meeting you and your student this year.  Below, you will find information for how to access Google Classroom:

Click on the email icon on the right hand side of this web page to send me a request for access to Google Classroom.  I will email you back when I have you connected.

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Classroom DOcuments and infO

On the left-hand side of the web page, you will find my classroom locker.  In the locker, you will find codes for Google Classroom.  You will also find documents in folders relating to your specific class.


A calendar of assignments will be posted on Google Classroom as well as in your class folder on this website.  Please use the calendar to help you keep track of what we will be doing in class each day, what you missed if you were absent, and when assignments will be due.