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Mrs. Rush's Locker
8/6/20 10:30 AM
8/6/20 10:15 AM

Shylah Rush

Welcome to 4th grade

We are so glad to have you back!

Daily Class Schedule

8:00-8:40 Morning Bellwork and Daily Practice Sheet
8:40-9:30 Reading Section One
9:30-10:05 Social Studies Section One
10:05-10:40 PE
10:45 Class Switch
10:50-11:40 Reading Section Two
11:45-12:20 Social Studies Section Two
12:25-12:48 Switch Back To Section One Students & Lunch
12:48-1:10 Recess
1:15-1:30 AR/Silent Reading
1:30-1:55 RTI (Reading Groups)
1:55-2:10 ELA Work
2:10-2:35 Music



Recess/Work Completion Time and Dismissal


When we have each other we have everything!

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