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Andi Dale

Welcome to Middle school Science!

I am excited to be starting my 16th year in the classroom - 14 years in 6th-12th math and my second in middle school science and 8th grade social studies.  I LOVE middle school students - they are by far my very favorite age of kids to work with.  Middle school students exploring science - can you think of a more fun place to work?  I can't!

This year is sure to be one for the record book but I am so excited about the possibilities, including the second annual science fair.

When I'm not at school, I'm hanging out with family on the deck or selling the meats our family raises on our farm.

I love to talk about your kids and what we're doing in the classroom - don't ever hesitate to ask questions!

Mrs. Dale's Schedule

1st hour 8:00-9:04 8B Science
2nd hour 9:07-10:01 6A Science
3rd hour 10:04-10:58 8A Science
4th hour 11:43-12:36 7th Science
5th hour 12:39-1:32 8th Social Studies
6th hour 1:35-2:28 6B Science
7th hour 2:31-3:24 Plan
8th hour 3:27-4:00 Study Skills


Mrs. Dale at the 2019 Science Fair Awards
  Andi Dale SCMS Science

If you would like access to your student's google classroom, please click on the email icon above and email me your request.  I will then send you the invite to gain access to the classroom.