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8/23/20 8:04 PM
8/23/20 8:06 PM
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Heidi Chase

About Me

I Heidi Chase am a Senior and in charge of the tennis and FCCLA schedule page. I'm not doing any sports or extra activities but I do have a job working at the nursing home in protection as a dietary aid that I go to after most school days. 

School day Schedule 
Location Time
Culinary Arts 8:00-8:54
English 8:57-9:51
Accounting 5:54-10:48
Spanish 10:51-11:45
Lunch  11:45-12:15
Website Management 12:15-1:09
Senior Leadership 1:12-2:06
Government 2:09-3:03
Seminar 3:06-4:00
Work 4:30-7:00